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Traditional Payroll


Comprehensive Payroll Services

At Meridian, we understand each business has unique needs. Call us today to learn how we can customize a plan to simplify your life and reduce workload.


Electronic Tax Service: We deposit all tax liabilities on your behalf and assume full responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of all your payroll tax deposits and fillings for all states.


Direct Deposit: Eliminate the hassle and delay of check pickups. Employees will appreciate the consistency and reliability of direct deposit payroll.


Quickbooks Interface: Ability to move your payroll data to Quickbooks with the push of a button.


Certified Payroll: Primarily for, but not limited to, construction companies engaged with Public Works Projects submitting their weekly Davis-Bacon reporting establishing prevailing wage rate requirements.


Integrated Time & Accrual System: You can simply import payroll information from our time and attendance system into your Meridian Payroll account, saving time and vastly reducing the potential for data entry errors.

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